About metashop

Metashop was founded to create a fun and engaging experience that combines design thinking with the increasingly important task of defining corporate metadata.

Vision: To create a culture of quality information management and curation in any company no matter whether their focus is on products or services, healthcare or food and beverage, creativity or productivity.

Mission: To support clients through every step of their information management journey, while keeping things easy, approachable and fun. 

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Mindy Carner



About Mindy

Librarian. Designer.

Mindy is the founder of metashop. She is a librarian who brings her mixed background and education in conservation and preservation, archives, taxonomy, metadata schema development, user-centered design, and design thinking to all of her work. She has a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science, and ten years of experience designing, implementing, managing and setting up programs for metadata and taxonomy strategy for organizations large and small.

Mindy has supported her clients through the entire lifecycle of an information system deployment. From gathering business and technical requirements, leading the vendor selection, designing the data configurations for the system, through to supporting the implementation, configuration and deployment of the system, and into building a governance strategy customized to work for the specific shape and size of business.

Mindy is a thought leader in the field of information management, providing in-depth introductory and advanced workshops, webinars, papers and talks on various matters relating to metadata, taxonomy, information governance, and search with a twist of design thinking thrown in. Mindy’s background in Library and Information Science gives her the foundational knowledge in the principles of information management so that she can support implementation initiatives for various types of information systems including document management, knowledge management, digital asset management, enterprise search and more. Mindy’s focus is on the findability of information, with an eye toward the ongoing management of the system and the information in it, as well as the principles of user-centered design and the end-user experience.​


Thought Leadership

Publications and Speaking Engagements

Book Contributions: Inform, Transform, Outperform: Digital Content Strategies To Optimize Your Business For Growth

Webinar: Taxonomy Demystified (2016)

Webinar: Detangling Taxonomy (2018)

Case Study: National Restaurant Chain Protects its Past

Whitepaper: Enterprise Search and Taxonomy

Paper: Metadata: Standardizing Information in the Digital Age

Peer-Reviewed Article: Creating a digital and physical corporate archive: Case study of a national restaurant chain

Peer-Reviewed Article: Applying Design Thinking to Digital Asset Management: Business Requirements and Configuration Requirements Gathering

Blog: The Many Faces of Taxonomy

Blog: Better Archiving Through Digital Asset Management

Blog: Choosing the Right DAM Vendor

Blog: The High Cost of Assuming That Enterprise Search Works Like Google

Blog: Four Ways to Apply Human-Centered Design Thinking to DAM

Speaker: Intelligent Content Conference 2013 – Natural Language Processing

Speaker: Enterprise Search and Discovery 2014 – Hacking WebVTT for search

Speaker: Taxonomy Bootcamp 2015 – Taxonomy 101 Workshop

Speaker: Henry Stewart 2016 – DAM and Corporate Archives

Speaker: Gilbane Conference 2016 – From Blockchain to Bots

Conference Chair: Digital Assets and Content Leadership Exchange 2018

Speaker: Henry Stewart DAM New York 2018 - Design Thinking for DAM

Speaker: Henry Stewart DAM Chicago 2018 - DAM goes to College

Workshop: Introduction to Metadata for DAM. Henry Stewart DAM San Diego 2018

Workshop: Advanced Taxonomy and Metadata Concepts. Henry Stewart DAM 2018

Speaker: Taxonomy Bootcamp 2018 - Design Thinking for DAM

Speaker: Henry Stewart DAM San Diego 2018 - Design Thinking for DAM

Workshop: Enterprise Data World 2019 - Design Thinking for Enterprise Metadata

(Upcoming) Tutorial: Henry Stewart DAM San Diego - Design Thinking for Digital Asset Management