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  • Mindy Carner

New Paper from metashop: Metadata, Standardizing Information for the Digital Age

The concept of metadata has its roots in libraries and the practice of library science. The first known application of metadata comes from the Library of Alexandria. The librarians attached tags to the ends of scrolls that contained details of each one’s author, title and subject. This made it easy to return the scrolls to where they belonged after use, and saved patrons from having to unroll each scroll in order to learn the nature of its contents.

The term was coined centuries later and in the decades following, metadata has taken on a life of its own. metashop has researched and written a new paper on introducing the concept of metadata, what it does, how it works, and the many ways in which it benefits companies today by enabling them to protect their products, their content, their partners and their own good name. Download the paper today to read about how metadata benefits every business.

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