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Metashop exists to solve the information management issues facing our clients in a clean and quick way. Taking a unique approach to simultaneously teach client stakeholders about data quality while solving their information woes is a key factor in metashop's success. Providing a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision, and optimize performance and productivity.

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Metadata Schema Workshops

Metadata is the true lifeblood of any information system. It is what allows you to search for, manage, expire, and know what you need to know about your content in order to protect it. Knowing what critical fields need to be applied to what content will give you the foundation to move your organization into the digital age with confidence. Metashop brings together the right stakeholders to help you define the right metadata schema for your content.

Data on a Touch Pad

Content Assessments

Metashop will evaluate the what, where and when of your content so that you can better asses the quality of your data and how to optimize it for competitive advantage in the digital age. 

Organic growth of organizations with time and digital changes has led to the distribution of content across systems and databases, leading to duplication, loss and ultimately, rework. Let metashop identify where your content lives so you can begin the process of cleaning it up.

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Vendor Selection Support

With so many vendors on the market today with so many of the same, but slightly different capabilities, it can be hard to know how to proceed. Metashop is aware of the MarTech, content management, digital asset management and knowledge management systems landscape and can help you define your business requirements and use cases, create an RFP, and get the vendors to show you exactly how their system would solve your problems so you select the right vendor for the job the first time around.

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Taxonomy and Search Design

Taxonomies improve search in information systems. Metashop understands the nuances of taxonomy application across various systems, and the implications of building a taxonomy in a vacuum. Bringing the right people into the room, from your content creators to your consumers, and allowing them to help build the taxonomy means it will meet their needs and will receive widespread adoption.

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System Configuration Design

With years of experience, metashop brings the capabilities and expertise to take your digital strategy to the next level. At metashop, our insights and skills will help you transform your behaviors, processes, data, and strategies to built a new culture around information management. Metashop is proud to help shape and improve how companies structure and manage their information.

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Information Governance Programs

One of the most difficult pieces for companies to nail down is how to keep their data, and metadata, clean and up to date. This means more than keeping the system functional with the latest updates, it also means updating the metadata, expiring content, and regularly testing for user satisfaction. Metashop builds governance programs that fit into your staff's busy day to day, so that what you show to your end users is only what they need.

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